Socks, there is nothing plain or dull here!! Colourful, funky, and durable socks are accessories and gorgeous gifts. Solmate socks are created by recycling cotton.  A brilliant idea to do with Tea Shirt remnants. Both for women and men these socks come as doubles, triples, or 6's!!  There will never be mismatched socks again!!
Lots of fun and frivolity with stripes, dots, fruit, flamingos, dogs, and more. Whether you're going to work, relaxing or taking on the world, there are fabulous choices for you. So many patterns and wonderful colours, enjoy your socks and make a statement today.


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Solmate Bluebell Socks-Gifts 4 All
Solmate Bluebell Socks
Man's Best Friend Socks-Gifts 4 All
Man's Best Friend Socks
Solmate Lily Ankle Socks-Gifts 4 All
Solmate Lily Ankle Socks
Squares on Socks-Gifts 4 All
Squares on Socks
Square Socks-Gifts 4 All
Square Socks
Three Striped Socks-Gifts 4 All
Three Striped Socks
Red Dot Socks 3's-Gifts 4 All
Red Dot Socks 3's
Purple Dot Socks 3's-Gifts 4 All
Purple Dot Socks 3's
Pink Dot Socks 3's-Gifts 4 All
Pink Dot Socks 3's
Blue Dot Socks 3's-Gifts 4 All
Blue Dot Socks 3's
Dot Socks-Gifts 4 All
Dot Socks
Solmate Primrose Ankle Socks-Gifts 4 All
Solmate Primrose Ankle Socks
Solmate Zephyr Socks-Gifts 4 All
Solmate Zephyr Socks